Live Oak UU Church Endowment

The Live Oak UU Church Endowment was created and funded by the congregation in 2006 with the mission of supporting the broader Unitarian Universalist denomination through our outreach efforts. The congregation created an Endowment Committee empowered to manage the funds, solicit grant proposals, and recommend grants that support UU values through congregational growth, as well as social and environmental action initiatives.

Proposals will be solicited from UU congregations, UU community organizations, and their affiliated groups. Start-up groups can apply through a sponsoring UU church. The Endowment Committee will evaluate the proposals, and grants will be awarded after the approval by the Live Oak UU Church governing body.

Grants are not awarded for the following purposes: debt reduction, bridge financing, and matching funds for other grants. Only one grant application per sponsoring church will be accepted each funding year. Applications will not be accepted from groups that have received a Live Oak UU endowment award during the previous calendar year.

Proposal solicitation

Live Oak UU Endowment is currently soliciting grant requests.

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