Live Oak’s senior minister is Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford.

Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford
Rev. Joanna F. Crawford

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Live Oak is ably assisted by our staff. Be sure to thank them if you see them, as they work many hours to make our church a warm and pleasant place.

Music Director
Curtis White

Acting Dir Lifespan Faith Development
Cindy La Greca

Administrator Diane Stepakof-Fay
Diane Stepakof-Fay
Child Care Coordinator
Harmoni Anderson

Administrative Staff Responsibilities:

As administrator, Diane Stepakof-Fay is responsible for:

  • scheduling events on the calendar, as well as booking/reserving rooms
  • maintaining the church database (please notify Diane Stepakof-Fay of any changes in your information)
  • church communications, bulletin boards, phone, email, snail mail
  • newsletter editor
  • issuing keys
  • printing name tags
  • various other behind the scenes administration such as maintaining archival records, supplying lamp oil, wicks, and candles, providing directories, etc.

Email sent to goes directly to Diane Stepakof-Fay.

As Order Of Service editor, Diane Stepakof-Fay, is responsible for creating the Order of Service weekly. Articles for the announcements for the Order of Service should be sent to

Diane is also the newsletter editor. Articles for the newsletter should be sent to