Our beautiful grounds include a memorial garden with spaces available for anyone seeking a place for their loved one’s ashes. A small oak grove encircled by a gravel path, this is a quiet and sacred place, open 24 hours/day for those who wish to visit, meditate, and pray. Ashes are placed directly into the soil or buried in a biodegradable container so that they may become a part of the life of the living garden. Simple memorial markers may be included and there are several benches inviting rest and introspection.

If you would like more information about the memorial garden, please contact the church administrator at (737) 240-3345 or email the Chalice Pathway Team at chalicepathway@liveoakuu.org.

Additionally, there is a chalice-shaped gathering space suitable for memorial services that seats up to 110 people with a permanent stage. A three-hour rental is $420.

The cost for those wishing to scatter/bury ashes of loved ones is $500 which includes the option of installing a memorial stone. To install a memorial stone only, is $300. If you would like to remember your loved one with a park bench with a personalized dedication plate, the cost is $500.