Get Good, Do Good, Celebrate

I write this, sitting at my desk Wednesday evening. I can hear Gouri’s tabla drums from his lesson, conversation down the hall from a meeting, and – Joy of Joys – the choir rehearsing in the sanctuary. I would be lying if I said I was dry-eyed.

What a hard two years it has been. But look at the church building, filling up with life again.

I am not saying the pandemic is over. Lordy, we may have to pivot yet again. But we are old hats at that now. If necessary, we will shrug and do what we have to do.

It will be a little wrenching to go on sabbatical right as things are lifting. But it’s good that it is this way. It means that the church is regaining its footing and things are returning to something resembling normal.

And while I’m on sabbatical, things can continue progressing. We have so many exciting things in the works! The elevator is coming right along, the choir is coming together with new energy and enthusiasm for Music Director Curtis White (be sure to save the date for the June Choir Service!), and this October, the 30th Anniversary of Live Oak.

I’ve posted some special dates below to be sure to circle on your calendar…but really, circle every Sunday. We have some amazing preachers scheduled. Bring a friend!

This past Sunday, I shared my vision for what Live Oak could accomplish over the next 10 years, then we gathered in the Fellowship Hall to talk about your hopes, concerns, and dreams. Dreaming is the first step. Discussing those dreams to listen for a shared vision is the next step. Next comes committing to the vision, and formulating a strategy to get there.

In the sermon, I shared a quote from Rev. James Freeman Clarke, a Unitarian minister in the 1800s. He used more eloquent words to describe the purpose of church, but to summarize:

Get good
Do good

I look forward to the ways we’ll carry this out.

Save the Dates!

April 17: Rev. Jami’s first service/Easter

May 1: Flower communion

June 12: Choir service

Sept. 4: Water Communion/Homecoming

Oct. 1: 30th Anniversary