So many ways to help


Use THIS PAGE to buy your Books, Music, Movies, Electronic Gear, Computers (and anything else that sells), and Live Oak will get a Rebate from Amazon!

YOU will pay the exact same cost, and the exact same shipping charge (or free shipping) you would otherwise get from Amazon on your own. There is NO penalty to you!

But now, in addition, Live Oak will receive a cash rebate from Amazon up to 10% of your purchase. LIVE OAK CAN USE THIS INCOME!

Link to

The way is to get to by going through this page….by simply clicking on the Amazon picture to the right. (A new browser window will open.)

Please don’t purchase anything from that you wouldn’t purchase otherwise; just be sure to use the Amazon link on this page whenever you do want to buy something from them.

Using the picture on the right, the only way the church receives a rebate from Amazon sales is if you link from this page to the and then make your purchase.

If you use the Amazon link on this page to do your window shopping, and then you later go to by a different route to make your actual purchase, the tracking mechanism that ties the sale to the church will be lost. Please remember to initiate your purchasing from this page each time you buy something so that the church will benefit. is not endorsed by Live Oak UU Church. The link to is provided here for your shopping convenience and to provide a creative way for our church to raise additional funds.


We want to remind everyone that if you shop at Randall’s, you can make your grocery bill benefit Live Oak. Take your “Remarkable Card” to the customer service desk (you only have to do this once), and tell them you want Randall’s to donate to your church. Live Oak’s donation number is 4333. Each month, Randall’s donates 1% of your grocery purchases to the charity of your choice. Why not make it Live Oak? Thanks!

Freytag’s Florest

We now have an account with Freytag’s Florest so we get a percentage of orders that chose us as their “helping hands”. They have also put a link on their site to our site.