Mission Statement:

We offer opportunities for growth and inspiration through community ritual.

Responsibilities of the Vergers Team:

While minister is on sabbatical April – Aug 2020: 
Vergers Team members serve as “hosts,” making sure guest speaker has been connected with their worship leader early in the week, welcoming the guest speaker in on Sunday, and generally making sure they feel comfortable. Verger team members are not responsible for doing set up, but they serve as the “experts” for worship leaders, some of who may be new to worship leading.
After sabbatical:
After sabbatical, the Vergers Team will work with the minister throughout the year to produce meaningful worship experiences for all. What this will look like: assisting with the “sacramental” services, e.g. water, bread, fire, and flower communions, child dedications, and other special services, providing input into liturgy and the order of service every September, and serving as trusted advisors. When there is a guest preacher, the Vergers will serve as hosts/experts.