Make a Pledge. Make a Difference.

What is a pledge of support?

At Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church, a pledge is a commitment to make a financial donation of a specific amount for a specific year.

Why is it important to make a pledge of support to Live Oak?

By making a pledge to Live Oak, you are supporting community outreach, social justice, lifespan religious education, liberal religious values, and our spiritual home. You are making a difference.

Why does Live Oak request pledges for the following year?

Just as we all have bills to pay, so too does Live Oak. Monthly commitments like paying church staff, childcare, and utility bills quickly come to mind. Once the maintenance expenses are covered, the church can spend money for spiritual, outreach, social, and other special programs.

Live Oak makes a budget in the fall for the following year. Only by knowing what income to anticipate in the coming year, can the church commit to funding the building expenses and the programs. Even if you are making regular contributions in one year, the church needs to know what it can count on for the following year.

How much should I/we pledge? Is it like a tithe, where you give a certain percentage of your income?

The decision about how much to give is a very personal one. You know your financial situation best and can best determine how to balance your commitment to Live Oak with your other commitments. Your contributions, whether of time or treasure, are freely chosen, and always welcomed and appreciated. Live Oak does not set any expectations around the amount of your pledge.

The framework in the Unitarian Universalist’s guide on pledging may be useful to you as you make your pledge decision, but there is no requirement or expectation that you will follow it.

How do I make a pledge?

You can make a pledge in two ways:

  • During the fall pledge period each year, complete the special pledge form. Instructions are provided to members during the campaign.
  • Outside of the fall pledge period, complete the online pledge form or complete the PDF pledge form and return it by email or mail.

How do I fulfill my pledge?

Live Oak takes many forms of payment including cash, checks, credit cards, and appreciated stock or securities. In addition, you can set up automatic deductions from your account through your bank’s bill pay or you can set it up for Live Oak UU to automatically draw money from your account. Your contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

You may also make a donation online.

Stock Donation

Donations of appreciated stock or other securities

Donations of stock allow for maximum stewardship for some individuals. Gifts of stock held more than one year offer two unique advantages:

  1. A gift of stock to the church avoids capital gains tax for you on the increase in the value of the stock
  2. You receive a deduction for the full market value of the stock at the time of the gift to the church.

Check with your qualified tax advisor for specifics related to your personal situation.

The church has a brokerage account that was established for the sole purpose of accepting contributions in the form of shares of stock. Any brokerage firm will be able to initiate a stock transfer with the following information.

Brokerage account is at TD Ameritrade
Account name: Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church
Account: #871-066202
Broker transit number: #451

When you plan to transfer stock, please send an e-mail to: so that the sale of the stock can be completed and your pledge accurately credited.

You also can direct any questions to