Members of the Sunday Coffee Setup and Cleanup Teams:

  • Volunteers aren’t reminded when their turn to work is coming up it is OK to swap personnel between teams when needed.
  • David and Sharon Fitzpatrick, as the Kitchen Backup Team, train personnel so coffee setup and cleanup meets county and state health and sanitation laws, purchase supplies needed for coffee setup and cleanup, and notify the Facilities Team when repairs are needed.

Coffee Setup and Cleanup Teams:

Coordinator: Andrew Tucker

1st Sunday Team

  • Drew Callinan
  • David Fitzpatrick
  • Sharon Fitzpatrick

2nd Sunday Team

  • Rob Sarti
  • Liz Schwab-Fike
  • Larry Smith

3rd Sunday Team

  • Kristina Donna
  • Stephanie Martinez
  • Juanita Moshier

4th Sunday Team

  • Laura Cavenaugh
  • Hella Holubek
  • Ellen Knapton

5th Sunday Team

  • Cat Amador-Locher
  • Alice Sessions
  • Doug Martin

Mission Statement:

To assure that coffee, water, tea and snacks are available during the fellowship period and to make sure that the kitchen and fellowship area are clean and sanitary after the fellowship period is over.