The Healthy Community Team (or HCT) is a group of members of Live Oak including Rev Joanna, appointed by the Board in consultation with the minister, who are tasked with helping us to build an emotionally mature community in which we live out the values of our covenant with one another. We have hosted several community-wide workshops in the past about healthy communication and relationships, as well as guiding principles. We meet monthly to discuss the overall feeling of our fellowship, and talk about how we might work through challenges our congregation is facing or feeling.

Folks at Live Oak will at some point inevitably have conflicts or feedback about processes or staff. The HCT team members are not mediators, nor is our mission to avoid conflict. Our view of a healthy, dynamic church is that there are small, manageable conflicts that people are able to accept, move through, and resolve quickly and directly without causing too much harm or long-term damage.

Our published process for feedback (whether positive or negative) is illustrated in our Healthy Communication Process.

Our HCT members have a ribbon badge to identify themselves, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.

Current Members:
Jennifer Swan
Barbara Coldiron
Jonathan Norwood
Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford

Active State: Active
Group Type: Committee
Contact Person: Barbara Coldiron
Contact Email:
Group’s Parent Group: Policy Committee