The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) has asked members of all public Live Oak email lists to abide by certain guidelines, designed to ensure that the lists remain vital but cordial methods of communication within our community. The ECC monitors and maintains the many Live Oak email lists.

About Our Yahoo Email Groups

These Yahoo email groups are available for people to send and receive messages between group members.

Before joining a group, please read the Live Oak email group User Agreement, Guidelines, and Problem Solving.

To join a group, click on the group “subscribe” email address below. That will create an empty email request to join the group.

When your group membership has been processed, you will be able to send messages to that specific group.

Chat (coffee hour discussions in cyberspace)

liveoakuu-chat as the name implies, this is an informal group. Topics might include theological or philosophical discussions, discussions about current events or politics, or anything you might hear people talking about during coffee hour. Announcements of non-church events (like a lecture at UT, or a party given by a church member) would go here. Links to news stories or articles of interest would go here. liveoakuu-chat is not pre-moderated and is basically an “open forum”, though participants are expected to treat each other respectfully.

Live Oak Finance Committee

Live Oak Joys and Concerns

liveoakuu-joys-concerns is one more dynamic way for Live Oak members and friends to experience support in our community. It is a forum for giving and receiving encouragement in bearing our burdens, and multiplying celebrations! When you post a message, please provide your first and last name. If you already have a Yahoo account you can use this URL:

Live Oak Book Group

Live Oak Choir

Live Oak Men’s Linguistic Society

Live Oak Soundboard Team

Women of Live Oak Announcements

LOUU Women Sharing

Church Business

Live Oak UU Reading Group Church Business

liveoakuu-business is the group that had been used for discussions about church business. The church is in the process of migrating to Google Drive for church business.

If you have questions about any of the listed e-mail groups, please contact: the Electronic Communications Committee at

Active State: Active

Group Type: Team

Contact Person: Rob Sartin

Contact Email:

Group Email List:

Ministry: Administration and Operations

Group’s Parent Group: Executive Team


NOTE: The use of Yahoo groups is being discouraged, therefore this page will not be displayed on the website. But will be maintained for basic information.

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