Donations of appreciated stock or other securities

Donations of stock allow for maximum stewardship for some individuals.

Gifts of stock held more than one year offer two unique advantages:

  1. A gift of stock to the church avoids capital gains tax for you on the increase in the value of the stock
  2. You receive a deduction for the full market value of the stock at the time of the gift to the church.

Check with your qualified tax advisor for specifics related to your personal situation.

The church has a brokerage account that was established for the sole purpose of accepting contributions in the form of shares of stock. Any brokerage firm will be able to initiate a stock transfer with the following information.

Brokerage account is at TD Ameritrade
Account name: Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church
Account: # 871-066202
Broker transit number: #451
DTC number: #0188

When you plan to transfer stock, please send an e-mail to: so that the sale of the stock can be completed and your pledge accurately credited.

You also can direct any questions to