The Live Oak Choir is a group of dedicated members and friends, and is directed by Curtis White. It includes singers who have anything from excellent to limited music reading ability. Music reading is more important than ever at this time, while we are not meeting together in person. We are meeting twice a month via Zoom, and communicating by using a Slack program. We have discovered that it is still possible to add our voices to the online church services by learning parts at home with the aid of recordings, You Tubes, and sheet music, and by practicing together in Zoom, although we do not have a way to actually sing together and hear each other in sinc. The program still enables members to practice (on mute) with the director playing parts, and clarifications can be made if there are questions. Since March we have contributed 2 choir pieces written in parts, several hymns, and some unison pieces. Members have folders and hymnals at home. Accompaniment recordings with a metronome click, when used with headphones, enable the singers to record themselves singing their parts alone. These are then gathered together and mixed by audio technicians.

Choir members do gather together to chat online weekly, apart from rehearsal time.

When the church is ready to meet in the physical building, regular rehearsals will return and more information about that will be found here.